Inverter reader

The app to read data from sma inverters via bluetooth is available again for download.

Please read the instructions carefully while setting it up.

v0.46 has new codes for the 3000TL-21 and the 5000-TL21.

If your type of inverter is missing then I will need the proper codes. You can peruse the sma-bluetooth mailing list or, if you're techincally inclined, follow these instructions on how to do some usb sniffing and report them on the mailing list.
If it still does not work you could subscribe to the mailing list and explain your problem.


10000TL FW 2.40 ...error, stuck at line 76

Hi there,

I got the above error at newest version 0.46 - whereas sma-bluetooth on my linux-machine (v 18) is connecting just fine.

Suggestion for debug-help?

Greetings from sunny Portugal,

Could you check out my java

Could you check out my java code, run it against your inverter, and show me the results?

My java port:

Error with SB 3000-IT

Hi there,

regardless of the configuration after trying to download the data (Reading seems to have trouble going beyond 61%) I get the following message "Error while processing inverter data: Maximum numbers of retries reaches [...]"

Many thanks for your kind support!

PS I'm currently trying to run Windows on my Mac to see what happens with the Sunny Explorer

Since I've never heard of an

Since I've never heard of an IT system, you could try all types of inverters one after the other.

If all else fails you could browse the sma-bluetooth mailing list or participate in there.

SB 3000-IT not working

Hi there,

I have a SB 3000-IT and I'm from Italy; I can pair the device on the phone (I have a Google Nexus w/ Jelly Bean) correctly but I tried I3000TL, I3000TLHF, I3000TL21 and none of these seems to work. Any suggestions?

Thanks in any case for your great work!

Error message?

What kind of error message do you see?

SMA SB3000-TL21

SMA SB3000-TL21 is missing as inverter option? If I choose SMA SB4000-TL21 livedata is failing at line 82.. daily data is working fine.
Can you fix it please? Anyway its a very usefull app nice work!

Kind regard,

If daily data is working fine

If daily data is working fine then live data should as well.

Could you tell me the firmware version of your inverter? This is the first TL-21 I'm aware of that is working. :)


Apk is not installable by android market, can you upload it here?


Hopefully in a few weeks I will have come to some agreement with SMA.

So patience. :-)


Thanks for the fantastic app it is working perfectly.
The only part not working for me is the LIVE update: I have set this to 5min but the phone is not connecting it only connect when I push the LIVE button
is this normal or should I do differently?

I using the last version with HTC Nexus one Android 2.3.6 (inverter SB 4000 TL20


No problem

v0.46 should provide more informative messages.

SMA Reader with 2 SMA 4000TL-20

i have 2 SMA 4000TL-20.
With the newer one there are no problems.
On the older version the app reads until 58/103 then the following error message is displayed:
error while processing inverter data: null
So i think the older version doesn´t have the data with number 58.
Maybe you could fix that problem ?

Thanks in advance Franz


One of your 4000TL's has an older firmware version?
Or are you talking about the version of my app?

That error message is indeed not very helpful. Did you install the newest version (v0.44)?
If yes could you follow the instructions in this comment and let me know about it:

One of the 4000 TL has an older firmware version:

the communication before the error and the error-message:


i hope this helps

bye Franz

It did

Apparently your inverter sent back a zero sized reply. I'll handle this by attempting a retry if this happens.

I am however unsure if this will help solve your problem.

I'll fix this in v0.46



is it supposed to work with a SB3300TL HC (+piggyback), I couldn't get it to work :-p


I'm not sure. What's the behaviour you see when connecting?

Is there an error message and if yes, what is it?

Unfortunately I hear about people who have had no success with piggyback systems.

hoi,it's going to 8x%, then


it's going to 8x%, then it goes back to 7x % and does nto continue
I saw an error message about a loop in the past, but I think it just stops after a while.

Try the I7000

Some user has reported success with his piggyback system if he chose the I7000 inverter type.

He however specified that he made sure to flash the latest firmware version.


Hi Philippe,

thank you very much for yoir effort in the SMA reader.

I am owning a sma5000-tl 21 but I am not able to receive data (v 0.42)

Using an Android SGS 2, with 2.36 (lighntning rom 6.1, root access)

I managed to scan for a device and If I click connect the "BT signal" is shown on the sma device.

I tried with pw "0000" and "1111" maybe here is my prob.

also tried ixxxxtl an i5000tl

any idea ?

thanks in advance

Same here with SB4000TL21

Same here with SB4000TL21


What is the exact behaviour you see? Error message?


Looks like you're in luck:

I'll add it in v0.43 :)

..still a bug


thanks for the update, but it is still not working.

I have choosen the new config in the settings section.

Press connect the "button" turns blue is srting 0 to 103 stops at 50 and says something like ....cannot gtet data from inverter: null

And then the application crashs so I wasn´t able to write down the message.

But propably, it because that there is still an issue with the service you are using.

Please have a look in the thread you have posted.

best regards

Still some confusion

on sma-bluetooth mailing list about the 5000TL-21:

The last mentioned inverter codes are in the app.

So maybe it is something else. Could you install Quick System Info PRO, connect to the inverter and after the error occurred open this app.
Then go to Basic Info/View Logs/Logcat and long press on a relevant error message from my app. This will allow you to copy and then paste the error message here. The relevant errors should have 'MainActivity' as header. You can hit the menu button and use the filtering functions to narrow down.

Edit: Ok, thank you guy who sent me e-mail with log, that showed me a bug in exception handling. That's the good news. The bad news is the next bugfix release probably won't solve your problem. The inverter codes still are wrong. :-/

Join the sma-bluetooth mailing list and add your voice.

Testing 5000-TL21

I will test your app with my 5000-TL21 when im at home again, too.



Yes, thats look good ! So I

Yes, thats look good !

So I am looking forward installing the new version -

in the meanwhile I will enjoy the hot sun combined with a cool beer :-)