Mythbuntu 9.10 and technisat multytenne

I guess it is finally time to have the diseqc switch of my technisat multytenne working properly.

However it did not at first. After much googling I found the solution.

Finally all is well.

Ubuntu karmic 9.10 and very slow xorg

My Acer Travelmate 800 with its ATI Radeon mobility 9000 is quite old but still pretty decent.

Unfortunately the latest ubuntu 9.10 rendered it unusable due to very slow graphics rendering.

Turns out my xorg configuration is missing some important option.

Ekiga softphone and Asterisk

We are using Ekiga as a softphone under linux and experienced a very annoying 2 second delay.

Turns out the ulaw/alaw audio codec used by Ekiga is flawed. Switching to the gsm codec fixed the problem.

The sip entry in the sip.conf file of Asterisk looks like this now:


Westhoek roadbook

It wasn't easy to find an interesting motorcycle roadbook for West-Vlaanderen with Diksmuide as destination.

Fortunately there was somebody who put together a google map on

I used this route planner site to manually reconstruct the itinerary so I could save it to .itn format to be able to use it with my tomtom 930. I also saved .tnr file (see attachment) so you can reload it in this site if you want to easily see the result.

I did not reconstruct it completely, just till Diksmuide.

Can recommend the trip, it was definitely worth it.


Meeting calculator

Python GUI for a meeting calculator.

Calculate your meeting costs on the fly. :-)

For the attachment, you need to install python and possibly wxpython for this to work.
The Windows version (converted with py2exe) can be downloaded here.

Tested with python v2.6.2 and Windows XP SP3.

How to be a good friend daughter's grade 2 classroom had a poster on the walls on how to be a friend. It was such a revelation for me I wrote it down:

* Smile at people
* Say nice things to your friends
* Ask them to join in games
* Listen to your friends when they talk to you
* Think about how your friend feels
* Play and have fun with your friends

Color laser printer

We bought a Brother color laser printer for our business.

After a lot of research and deliberation opted for the HL-4050CDN printer (the C stand for color and the N for network).

The openprinting database mentions that it _mostly_ works but I took the chance anyway because I knew brother itself issued a cupswrapper for their own linux lp driver.

You can download the wrapper and driver here.

FAT32 FS and file limits

My newly edited backup script has a tar command that bailed out after a certain point.

I bought an external HD with a USB interface and it turns out the single parition is in the FAT32 format which does not allow file sizes over 4GB.

So reformat it to f.e. ext3 and be on your merry way.

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