Syncing with Android

I bought the HTC Desire this weekend at the demo days of!

Very impressive phone.

But the main reason we bought this is to have our calendar items on the road. This, unfortunately turns out to be a bit complicated since the Funambol android client only allows contacts to be synced. Bummer.

But not to be deterred, I ended up installing a caldav server on our Debian server. Since lightning supports CalDav and android has a caldav client, this turned out to work seemingly ok.
Note: I had to mark 'Use basic authentication only' checkbox on the caldav client's settings.

But I still wanted my contacts. Since I keep a lot of contact information on an ldap server I wanted to install an ldap connector on my Funambol server. This implies compiling the java source code. Fortunately the installation instructions are clear enough.
But Android's funambol client is hardcoded to contact the remote 'card' data name! I had to delete the card representation via the java admin gui and rename my ldap source sync information to 'card'. Then it would sync ok.