Synchronisation server, thunderbird and Symbian client

While reading an interesting post on about Ubuntu's new cloud service via funambol I came across the notion of SyncML.

Since my GF is in dire need of her calendar data on the road I decided to install funambol SyncML server on our Debian server.

This pretty much worked out of the box which was impressive in that regard.

Next I installed funambol's thunderbird plugin. This apparently was not easy to find. I found it here, look in the Releases folder and download the latest version which is 0.9 at this time.

In the settings I had some trouble finding the proper location of the server.
It turns out it is in this form:
You do not have to create credentials on the server side. Just type in your username and password via the plugin settings.

Synchronisation went ahead and it did work at first but the second sync made thunderbird bail out. That's too bad.

Next I wanted to complete the loop and install funambol's symbian client on my old but trusty Nokia E60 (S60 3rd edition). Just install the app via your Nokia Suite.
Afterwards configure the application and type in the server field the exact same address as for the thunderbird plugin with the same credentials.

It was really satisfying to have all my cell phone calendar data available in Thunderbird via lightning. :-)