Server installfest

Half a week into my one week vacation I decided to go ahead and upgrade my server to a respectable HD size.

Debian woody was chugging along fine but I wanted to check the Ubuntu server edition anyway.

Unfortunately I struggled for a whole day to get my RAID up and running but without success.
This is what I learned:
It would seem that the device files would NOT be created on time before the mdadm script during init would run.
A lot of googling led to some bug reports and unsatisfactory fixes. The closest I could come to a solution involved editing /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-premount/udev and put this at the end: 'udevsettle --timeout=10s' (IIRC). And don't forget to do a 'update-initramfs -u' afterwards!!
This remained without any effect. The kernel would load and after a minute would report that /dev/md0 could not be found.

I wisened up and downloaded the debian etch iso. Lo and behold everything worked smoothly.

Since this machine will also act as a router we need to enable forwarding. For this to happen put this line in /etc/sysctl.conf: