The attached file is a text file with thousands of small and appropriate tags.
You could use it as your fortune cookie or tagline file for your mail client.

I use it in combination with tagzilla which is a thunderbird v2 add-on.
For thunderbird v3 I use this.

Electric Scooter

It's been a long time since looking for an electric vehicle that could be practible and feasible and a few months ago I found this:

It looks ideal.

  • tall wheels
  • +100km/h speeds
  • removable batteries
  • 90km range (*)
  • regenerative braking

(*) probably in optimal circumstances, certainly not at highway speeds

A colleague has a V-1 and is quite happy with it. This company is not new to this market and so knows how to make a good product I think.

Bad news:

Inverter reader

The app to read data from sma inverters via bluetooth is available again for download.

Please read the instructions carefully while setting it up.

v0.46 has new codes for the 3000TL-21 and the 5000-TL21.


My 3rd android app has just been released.

Follow the instructions to let it use your own tagline file with it.

Or you can download my complete tagline file here.

Hope you fun with it! :)

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx bug

After installing kernel v2.6.34 on an Ubuntu Lucid Lynx install (and using the discard mount option on the ssd partition) I got this boot error:
Serious errors were encountered while trying to mount...

Looks like the bug is in the mountall script.

Changing the UUID to /dev/sdxx entry fixed it for me.


My 2nd android game has just been released!

Check out the app market page.

Made with the AndEngine framework and its box2d 2d physics extension.

AndEngine and Netbeans

AndEngine is a promising looking graphics engine for Android.

Especially as it has support for Box2D for the 2D physics.

Unfortunately there are few explanations to be found on setting it up for the Netbeans IDE in regards to making sure the native library is found.
I spent a good 1/2 day into trying to resolve the dreaded "java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Library andenginephysicsbox2dextension not found"

Convert Android 3GP videos

I could playback the video on my ubuntu lucid lynx installation just fine but wanted to change the orientation of a movie I made with my Android phone.

Unfortunately the audio stream of the movie was not recognized. Seems the codec name is "samr", from Nokia apparently, (?) and ffmpeg issues this error message:
unsupported codec (id=73728) for input stream #0.1

The only way I could do this was build my own ffmpeg (via this guide)

Android game: PipelineMeccano

Today I released my first game on the android market!

Use a barcode scanner on your android device to read the QR code below.


JMixer is a java application for mixing sound files.

It is dependent on the Java Media Framework.

Installation instructions are in the README.txt file in the archive.

This is alpha stage software, it is very very early in its release, so please treat it as such.

Many thanks to the beatroot author for making available his source code!

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